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About HU Models

HU Models is based in Budapest with branch offices in Barcelona and Malta. The agency has been founded in 2014 looking for young talents, both domestically and internationally. We started working on Fashion Industry, that it’s still our core business but, after several prosperous years, our activities spaces even in Commercial, Erotic and Adult Industry. Our models work globally where those industries exist.

The agency has a completely unique approach and management for young talents. We diligently select the ones whom we put our trust in, on the basis of international criteria. For the ones who win the confidence of our professional team we give every help and support in order to have a successful international career.

We focus on SUCCESS but to reach it, we need our models to work for it, too! We expect great flexibility and a 100% trust from those who choose us.

The Modeling industry is looking for new #risingstars: if you feel a Model, be a Model!

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Do you want to become a #risingstar?

if You Feel like a Model, Be a Model!

How to Become a HU Model

To become a model, better if a HU Model 🙂 you will need to research the type of modeling you’d like to do, understand the strengths and beauty of your own body, practice posing in front of the camera, take photos to put together a model portfolio, and send applications and go to casting calls.

The world of modeling has something for everyone. There are so many niches and specializations that you can find at least one that fits your look and personality. Once you decide becoming a model is the right move, it’s time to choose which path you’ll take to get there. There’s a lot more to the modeling profession than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Getting started as a model is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication, and probably most importantly, thick skin. For many, being judged based on your appearance can be taxing, but with the modeling industry becoming more body-inclusive, more opportunities are opening up for aspiring models of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations.

A Model’s Face

Make faces in the mirror. Practice over-the-top emoting, laughing on cue, and bending your body into interesting positions while still looking natural and comfortable. Get comfortable in heels or other shoes you don’t normally wear. You may be asked to run, jump, and even skip in heels. Learn how to move fluidly, with small movements between shutter clicks instead of completely different poses from snap to snap. Think of each session as if you are trying to create a stop-motion flip book and act for the type of personality of the brand you are modeling for. Your photographer will thank you.. Your photographer will thank you. 

Modeling requires ability to handle criticism

If you can’t handle criticism or you’re not confident with your figure, it might be best to stay away from modeling. You might find that people look past you or only see your figure without actually paying attention to how you feel or what you think. While we don’t condemn behavior like this, there’s no denying that this often becomes commonplace in the modeling industry. Here in HU Models we do our best to help our models to face criticism.

Modeling requires focus and stamina

Sure, modeling might seem as simple as walking down a runway or posing for a couple of pictures, but in reality, modeling requires a great deal of focus and stamina. Long days on your feet, repeating poses over and over again, and an ability to look at ease and comfortable even when you’re exhausted and frustrated are just some of the more draining tasks you’ll have to endure as a model. 

Practice Posing in Front of the Camera – That’s why in HU Models we start with a “Virtual Casting”

Practice, practice, practice! Modeling is one of those skills where practice makes perfect. Your ability to pose or strut down the runway is what differentiates you from a model and a professional model. Try setting up a simple studio in your home. All you need is a tripod and a camera or phone, set the self-timer on, and you can start document your poses in front of the camera.

Modeling prices by the day (HU Models) 

A lot of modeling jobs will be full-day events. In this case, most models prefer to be paid by the day. And it’s what we do at HU Models. 

Just be sure that you know exactly what “a day” entails. For some, a full day might be a traditional 9-5 day, while other clients might expect you to show up for hair and makeup in the early hours of the morning and work until the evening.

Full-day shoots generally range in price from €100/day for those without experience and in low budget kind of shootings (hair, nails, etc) to €500+/day for those with a good deal of experience and in “high budget” areas: you can generally expect to charge higher rates for lingerie, swimsuit, and nude projects considering the nature of the job. 

Do you feel prepared to start your modeling career with HU Models?

If you want to become a model, you need a lot of patience and determination. Modeling jobs will not just come to you. You need to work for them.